Do you hear it?
We've hit the fan, the wall, and everything in between.
It's cracked. It's breaking.
Crumbling into pieces.
No no no, but it's been broken for a long time,
only, now we know the pieces can't go back together — they never could.
This is an altogether new puzzle with the same shit.
We've reached new heights of challenges and fuckery.
And the friction on this carpet of our world?
Let's say it's been pulled from under us, turned around, inverted, upside down,
and now has the ability to spit on us in all its Orientalized, magical glory.
We've got years of labour and neglect on our backs and our ancestors’ backs and the marks to prove it.
Steel—corporate fists in our mouths and colonizer—bloodied bandages to our eyes and yet what is it that you hear‘?
It’s the aftermath of the simmer, the slow simmer boiling... it’s the tea kettle whistle.
Whistle? It's a motherFUCKING piercing shrill that deafens!!!
And it bums. It rages from within until it’s out it’s out.
The caged bird no longer sings. it HOWLS.
It howls a cry a voice an opinion a right to express
A call. A call to rise, a call to speak up, a call to action
A Public Outcry.

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Public Outcry
What is it and why now?

The question isn’t only what is Public Outcry, but why? What does it encompass? What can happen because of it? How can we define something that is plural, something that is lived and experienced? Public Outcry is a feeling, a sentiment that’s been building up for centuries, for hours, for movements, for the silenced, for the oppressed, for the marginalized, for those pushed under and out.

Public Outcry is a multifarious platform that will team up with leading contemporary artists (of all mediums) to raise awareness on political, cultural, and economic issues. Your issue is my issue.

Each artist will be tasked with designing a poster that highlights their chosen topic. Emphasizing Public Outcry’s global focus, the posters will be available for a suggested donation with shipping to anywhere in the world. Donations will go to organisations aligned to causes specific to each issue.

Alongside each piece Public Outcry will collaborate with the issue’s artist in creating unconventional multimedia content that will actively engage, educate, and inspire. This content will come in various forms and shapes, all reinvented for each issue.

The media’s ever-growing power and ongoing bias needs to be challenged and Public Outcry is here to upset the monopoly. It’s okay to be angry. The days of hiding your opinion are gone.

Public Outcry is a global movement because there is a global need to be heard: Anti-government graffiti was the catalyst behind the Syrian Civil War with the Syrian regime torturing 16 year olds for spray painting Anti-Assad messages.[1] Iran continues to ban films and send key cultural figures into exile deemed counter-revolutionary.[2] In the United States, there are optional social media checks at airports and its current president plans to establish legal rule in handing over social media passwords.[3] The CPC of China constantly monitor and police the internet with “The Great Firewall of China.”[4] Research and reporting organizations like Human Rights Watch are banned from working in Israel.[5] The press in Somalia is constantly and heavily censored.[6] The current U.K. DUP-backed Conservative government, on the other hand, remains silent regarding its own role in the tragic Grenfell Tower blaze especially in silencing those who protested for safer housing.[7] Voices are being stifled and controlled everywhere.

In the year 2017, we still face the ongoing battle of a force to control, to silence, and to oppress, suppress, and depress our voices. It’s a global fight that’s been ongoing for centuries from hegemonic power systems and entities. In this era marked by post-truth, post-fact, post-colonialism, “post-race”, we ask ourselves:

Who is doing the speaking for whom?
Who has the power to speak? and Why?

We’re sick of the same old same old tired narrative. We’re not going to just speak, we’re going to cry out. We will be heard.

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